Dec 1, 2023 | Friday

Dec 31, 2023 | Sunday

South Huntsville's Christmas on the River at Ditto Landing

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Ditto Landing, Madison County Commission, and South Huntsville Main Business Association are working together to create South Huntsville's very own Christmas tradition - Christmas on the River!

 December 1-31, 2023

 Thanks for your interest in sponsoring a Christmas Card at Christmas on the River!  We have added some of the guidelines and info that we have been sending to our sponsors.  Here is a link to fill in your contact information.  Click here for your Christmas Card

 If you plan to decorate your card by hand, you may pick up your card at Ditto Landing between 9am and 4pm (Mon-Sun).  Please call ahead to let us know the day that you plan to pick up your card.

You may also paint your card on-site – again, just call ahead so that we can be prepared for you.

Ditto office: 256.882.1057

Ditto on-site crew: 256.883.9420 

Brandi Quick: 256.990.4960

Here are some guidelines as you begin your journey to create your Christmas Card. 

The Christmas Cards are 4’x8’ sheets of plywood.  They are strong and heavy.  You will need a pickup truck to pick up your backboard – and some help or we can provide a helping hand.

The backboards are sealed with white exterior paint.

Be sure to include your company, organization, family, group name on your card – we will not have yard signs in front of your cards.  You may want to add your website, contact info, or a QR code to the design of your card – great idea!

Also write your company name, contact name, and phone number on the back of your card.

We would prefer that you be creative and paint/create your own design.  Please be sure your message and design are family friendly.

As an alternative option, you can create a graphic and work through Tom Jeffrey’s Signs to have your graphic placed on a piece of coroplast – they are giving us a great deal for “printing” your design – only $95 (design work may cost extra).  Please know that they will only get busier as the opening day for COTR grows near – submit your request early!  We will even pick your sign up from Tom Jeffrey's and attach it to your board for your

If you paint or create your own design on your backboard, be sure to seal the entire board.  Remember your Card will be out in the weather for almost 7 weeks.

Your Card can be displayed either portrait or landscape.  If you choose portrait, please let me know as soon as possible as most of our stands are built for landscape.

Please DO NOT cut your backboard.  You may attach things to your backboard but be sure to have all attachments removed by January 2. 

We will store your board for you until next year.  Simply remove attachments and leave your board in place and we will pick them up after January 2. Please do not take your board with you without talking to me first.

Please make every effort to have your painted board back to Ditto Landing by November 3 so that we can begin installing them.  We will not be receiving cards over the Thanksgiving holidays (November 23-24). Cards should be completed with attachments prior to November 28.

Cards will be lit with small spotlights to let your holiday wishes shine during the day and at night.

Important dates
Pickup dates: Now until November 3 9am-4pm – please call ahead to make your pickup go more efficiently
On-site painting: Anytime – just let us know
Card Return: Now until November 3 9am-4pm
Completed Card Drop-off Deadline: November 3

We also have other sponsorship opportunities – just give Brandi a call for up-to-date information on sponsorships.

 Thanks again for sponsoring some holiday cheer on Christmas Card Lane.  Follow us on Facebook for more exciting additions to Christmas on the River.  Click here to go to our Facebook page.


Our dredged harbor is home to dozens of yachts up to 54 feet, as well as a building-full of smaller boats in dry storage.

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